When The Bucha’s Dog met The Craft Tea Cat

This is our new blog section of our new website for our new brand! Wow. After so long in the making its great to finally welcome you here. 

You may already know us as The Bucha’s Dog kombucha but we’ve made a few changes. From now on the Bucha’s Dog has an able sparring partner called The Craft Tea Cat. And together they come under our new umbrella company name The Craft Tea Brew Co. 

Why? Well we decided that although kombucha’s defining ingredient is tea, more often than not the tea in kombucha is lost both in the flavour but also in recognition. As a botanical beverage that has stood the test of time over literally thousands of years and is the most popular prepared drink in the world, and also because we love all things tea, we wanted to change that. 

As a fix, we decided to craft some beau-tea-ful tea forward drinks celebrating and highlighting the variation and uniqueness of the tea itself. We think you will love what we have in store. With both lines under one umbrella we can comfortably play with fermentation forward or tea forward brews with authenticity without compromising the definition of either. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a dog person or a cat person – we’ve got you covered. We’re looking forward to moving forward on this journey and you’re more than welcome to join us. We are a very small company and we love to get your feedback and input or suggestions. Thanks for visiting. We’re off to put the kettle on and get craft-tea!



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