Yer Hot Mate Kombucha

Yer Hot Mate

Yerbe maté with pineapple and chili

Pineapple Chili Kombucha

Yer Hot Mate is a deliciously sweet pineapple infused kombucha with a spicy kick! We infused Yerbe Mate tea, a traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink, with green tea, pineapple, lime, and red chili flakes. Is your ideal cocktail a spicy margarita? Then this is the flavour for you. Enjoy in our large 750ml sharing bottles.


Not into spice? Meet Yer Hot Mate’s floral counterpart, Hello D’arling. 




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Sweet pineapple flavour, with a zingy chili after-taste. Not too hot-just right!

Tasting notes: Spicy Margarita- minus the tequila hangover


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Live kombucha culture, Spicy Margarita tea infusion (water, yerbe mate, green tea, chili flakes) sugar, concentrated pineapple, concentrated lime juice.