Kombucha Home Brew Kit

Everything you need to brew your own small batch of kombucha

Looking for a unique and exciting present for someone? What better gift than the gift of brewing!

We have put together everything you need to create a small batch brew of bucha using our own award winning mother SCOBY and choice of tea. Perfect for that tea geek in your life or as a fun project. Follow our instructions included and you can be enjoying your kombucha in a few short weeks. We even threw in a 6-pack of our favourite flavours to inspire you while you wait!


Only need a SCOBY starter? Check out our liquid SCOBY starter.

Kit includes:

  • Glass jar
  • Liquid SCOBY starter
  • Sugar
  • Tea
  • Step by step instructions on how to brew your kombucha
  • pH strips
  • A mixed 6-pack of our favourite flavours of bucha (for inspiration)
  • 2 glass flip-top bottles for conditioning or storing finished kombucha




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Kombucha Home Brew Kit


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Kombucha home brew kit includes live culture, tea, sugar.