The Hoptimist

Peach Grapefruit Hops

It smacks fresh grapefruit and floral hops. It’s an equally thirst quenching, relaxing, energising, confusing bitter blend and an unexpected aperitif. Pair with chicken wings, (gin!) and the footie.


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The Hoptimist is inspired by west coast style IPA beer. It’s made from slow brewed single estate green tea with bitter citrus, tart Armagh Bramley apple and sweet stone fruit infusions. Added to that three types of aromatic American hops for a hoppy beery alternative. Hoppy days!.


Live kombucha culture, tea infusion (filtered Mourne water, green tea, black tea, hops), sugar*; from beets, concentrated peach juice and concentrated white grapefruit juice.

*The sugar is used as an energy source for the fermentation process. Some remains leaving a natural low calorie product.