Honey Dar'ling

Darjeeling kombucha infused with local honey

Darjeeling kombucha back sweetened with locally sourced honey from Nothern Ireland.

Tasting notes: Full bodied, dry Champagne, with a honeyed sweet finish. Similar to a dry cider.


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Meet Honey Dar’ling. This honey-infused kombucha made specifically for the Honey Fair 2021 at Hillsborough Castle was a firm fan favourite. Made with Darjeeling tea kombucha, also known as the Champagne of teas, this deliciously delicate and sweet brew is suitable even for Her Majesty herself. (We think, she wasn’t actually there when we were but feel like she’d have given it the nod of approval.) Try it for yourself, served chilled and feel like royalty if only for a fleeting moment in time.

Tasting notes of muscatel, Champagne, rose, and honey.

Available in 500 ml bottles.


Live kombucha culture, green tea, Darjeeling tea, locally sourced honey, sugar.