Hello Dar'ling!

Single Estate First Flush Darjeeling Sparkling Tea

Hello Dar’ling is a special edition sparkling tea crafted for the high standards of the Merchant Hotel. The tea is a single origin first flush Darjeeling from the Lingia tea garden situated in the Golden Tip valley high in the Himalayas. A garden rich in heritage and tea making tradition.


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Sparkling Tea

We have craftfully double brewed this tea, firstly as a light kombucha followed by a slow cold brew infusion to give it complexity and bring out the true character of this fine tea.

TASTING NOTES – Fresh muscatel and ripe stone fruit notes over a hint of rose characteristic of the Lingia terroir with a subtle dry tannic finish.

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Live kombucha culture, tea infusion (filtered Mourne water, Bio-organic Lingia Estate first flush Darjeeling black tea), sugar (beets).

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