The Buchas Dog

The Buchas Dog

The Bucha’s Dog kombucha is our original fermented tea product line. Our award winning bucha has been gaining popularity in our home town of Belfast and further afield for a little while now. We continue to brew and refine our original products and bring new & innovative flavours to market. Kombcucha is a delicious and nourishing fermented food (drink) that is full of goodness such as beneficial bacteria, healthy organic acids (like apple cider vinegar), enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants. Some of these come from the wonderful teas and other botanicals we infuse and some come from the activity of the beneficial microbes that work so hard for us in our ferments.




If we follow such strict production principles, where do our flavours and other magic come from. From lots of places. We can vary the tea, the sugar (see below), the starter, the brewing conditions, the conditioning (currently we are loving experimenting with some lovely wine making practices). We can be creative with our tea infusions and here we add other carefully selected botanicals in our brews. Also quite uniquely to us, one of the ways we vary our energy for the SCOBY is by substituting beet sugar for fruit sugar. We don’t use juice at the end of the process. We never back sweeten or flavour with juices, instead we bring in sugar from fruits, usually as concentrated juice as energy sources for the SCOBY. While this gives some practical difficulties we think it’s worth it to be true to the brewing principles. As a nice side-effect we get the essence of the flavour from the sugar source. Sweet!

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