About The Craft Tea Brew Co.

Our Story

We are a small innovative company creating healthy and interesting tea products and we exist to solve a problem. A BIG problem. A drinking problem. Namely the lack of drinking options that are healthy and interesting - never mind being remarkable. 

This problem was once the problem of one man in particular. Lets call him Peter Barrett - because that in fact was his name. Peter didn't want unhealthy and didn't want uninteresting. And didn't want unremarkable for that matter.

Luckily Peter was a scientist and sort of liked problems, and solving problems. Also rather luckily Peter was specifically a botanist and an experienced professional working on the fermentation of plants and other organic material (cough... cow poo, cough) for renewable biofuels.

Happily Peter found the answer to his problem all wrapped up in a neat little package involving would you believe it, both fermentation and botany. Spoiler alert, are you ready for this, the solution was of course kombucha. 

For about five years Peter geeked out on all things tea and kombucha and home brewed his own for himself. For a while he blissfully thought he had solved the problem. But of course he had only partly solved it.

Because while he could drink all the home brew he wanted at home in front of the TV, when he stopped for a sandwich, went to the movies, or a concert or out for a meal, never mind a drink!, the healthy, interesting, (remarkable!) kombucha was never there. 

And what's more it was becoming apparent that he wasn't the only one with this problem. There were others who had the very same problem too. What was one to do? Problem solve?

And so, this problem has become our problem and our company purpose is to solve it as best as we can and our mission is to produce remarkable, healthy and interesting drinks for as many people as we possibly can.

Thank-you for visiting us. We suspect since you're here you might be beginning to recognise you have this drinking problem too. Why not join us on this journey and we promise we will try to be the solution one healthy, interesting (and remarkable of course) drink at a time.